First Lesson


So what will your first lesson be like? If you are a complete beginner……………

I’ll pick you up from home, college or work and check your driving licence as well as a quick eyesight check. The eyesight check is really simple, it involves reading a standard car number plate at just over 20 paces.

Once that’s done successfully I will drive you somewhere quiet where you can jump into the drivers seat and we can run through how to set the car up so that you understand and can easily use the controls. Learning how to start the car and then doing some moving off and stopping followed by changing gear and possibly turning a few corners is usually what follows. It all depends on you and how quickly you pick it up.

You can expect to be in the driving seat and actually in control of the car for the vast majority of a two hour lesson but don’t worry, I can stop the car at any time because it’s fitted with dual controls for safety.



If you’ve driven before, either with another instructor or maybe you need motorway or refresher lessons………….

Then your first lesson with me will be very different and after a brief chat to find out where you are up to with your driving we can go for a drive to find out exactly what you can do and from that work out what you will need lesson-wise. If you don’t feel up to driving away from where you live we can start off from somewhere quiet.

It may be that you need a lot of work or it could be that there isn’t much wrong with your driving. Either way I’ll give you an honest opinion of what I’ve seen and we can take it from there.


I would recommend two hour lessons.

The reason for that is because a two hour lesson gives you time to take in and practice what you’ve learned. It’s usually also possible to cover several subjects on a two hour lesson, travel further afield and become more widely experienced. Some of my pupils will drive to places like Manchester, Preston, Blackburn, Southport and so on. On motorway lessons Blackpool, Liverpool and off into Yorkshire are perfectly good destinations to aim for.

Ask your friends where they go on their lessons and they’ll probably say Farnworth.

You can also save money by doing a two hour session because travelling time to the places where we might cover a particular subject such as roundabouts or a manoeuvre often makes up a much smaller proportion of your lesson time leaving more time for learning.


How many lessons will you need?

Haven’t got a clue. It depends on how fast you learn, your co-ordination, confidence, motivation and it usually makes a big difference if you can take regular lessons. I can give you a reasonable idea of what you will need once I’ve seen how quickly you pick up the basics.

I would also like you to get stuck into the theory test as soon as possible because it not only helps enormously to know the rules if you are learning to drive but it can mean there will be no delay in planning your driving test when you get up to standard.

I can give you free access to the Theory Test Pro website which should be most of what you need to pass your theory test. Click on any of the yellow banners on this site to take a look at it and ask me to get you a password sorted if I haven’t already.

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