The Car

Theory Test Pro in partnership with Dave Harrison Driver Training

This is the car you will be learning to drive in. 

It’s a Vauxhall Corsa petrol engined car and is really easy to drive because the controls are so light and responsive. Small drivers and tall drivers all seem to love the car and as you can see from the pictures it looks really good. I use a petrol engined car because petrol engined cars are the most likely option for a new driver when they get their first car. Some instructors use diesel engined cars for reasons of fuel economy. That’s great for them but it means that when you pass your test you may find the transition to your first car (which will probably be petrol engined) a bit of a problem.

Visibility is very good and even during reversing manoeuvres it’s fairly simple to work out where the kerb or the lines of a parking bay will be. The gears are especially easy to find because it has the usual really positive Vauxhall gearbox.

It’s air-conditioned and very comfortable so you’ll feel fine in the hottest and coldest weather. Personally I can’t see myself changing cars for anything else in the near future.

It’s also easy to do the manoeuvres in the Corsa because it’s so small and the power steering is so light.

Why not give it a try?

The number to call is;


By the way, I don’t actually use a roofbox now because I don’t need to advertise, most of my work comes by recommendation.

2021 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 SE 5dr Hatchback Petrol Manual | in Grangemouth,  Falkirk | Gumtree
Theory Test Pro in partnership with Dave Harrison Driver Training