About Dave

Me back in 2010 when I first decided to go independent.

I hate writing about myself but if it fills another page…………………

I was born, went to school, eventually got a job…………………

Getting a bit more up to date, I qualified as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) in 2001 and since then have seen many hundreds of people pass their driving test. I originally trained with BSM many years ago and then did around 9 years with the AA Driving School before deciding to go independent in 2010.

Me as an AADS Instructor back in 2008.

I count myself as really lucky because I get a terrific amount of job satisfaction from my work. It’s fantastic to help someone to achieve their goal of learning to drive and while some people find it really easy to learn, if I’m honest it’s those people who have difficulty learning that make the job so rewarding. To see someone pass their test when they themselves don’t quite believe they can do it is a real treat.

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