Use the form below or email;  bigdavesdrivingschool@gmail.com

Or you can give me a call to arrange a booking/get more information.  My number is 07800 936 934. If I don’t answer straight away it will probably be because I’m on a driving lesson and my ‘phone is switched off so please feel free to leave a voicemail or even better a text and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.  I currently charge £30 per hour and would normally do two hour lessons. I would recommend that you take a two hour lesson once a week to make good progress.  I also offer free theory test training to my pupils and since I normally work seven days a week it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a suitable slot in my diary for your lessons.

NOTE; This page was written pre-Covid. The backlog is such at the moment that I am currently having difficulty fitting in new work and there is a waiting list.


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